Why Choose JP Asphalt?

With over 55 years of industry experience, JP Asphalt offers you advice and options based on your need. Our teams work to resolve your asphalt and concrete issues, as well as partner with you to maintain and protect your investment. Our goal is to set the right scope of work so that your project plans and budget are perfected though meetings and site visitation. You can expect the following:

  • Professional and courteous work staff.
  • Respect to your business and work to limit all impact to business and or residents.
  • Full-time office staff to guide you and your property management team during all stages of the project.
  • Uniformed onsite crews are fully insured and wear safety reflective clothing.

Our Process

By contacting JP Asphalt, you’ll be working with professionals with expertise in all things concrete and asphalt. Our trained engineers will meet with you to go over our processes so we can get your project started.

  • First Stage

    The first step is to design a plan for your site in regards to costs and goals. We’ll come out to evaluate the conditions using a number of measurements, photos, sketches, and apply our exclusive expertise in the field. Once a proper inventory has taken place, we can present the best solution for you.

  • Second Stage

    As quickly as possible, sometimes as little as the same day, you’ll receive a professional site plan and proposal we’ve designed for your needs. We’ll go over our recommendations and considerations taken from the measurements in the first step.

  • Third Stage

    Once the proposal has been accepted, everything can begin. It’s time to to set up a schedule for the project and start ordering materials. We will secure the area safely and work hands-on with the property management team to create an environment with the least impact to day to day operations.

Here are a few of our latest projects: